Opening Strategies & Closed Game Principles

Level 4


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Number of lessons: 6

Topic Purpose

When students have a strategy that they always use, they are better prepared for tournaments. They become familiar with the tactics and strategies in the position related to their opening and are less likely to  get into a bad position from the opening. It gives them an advantage against better players. This topic  teaches the simple basics of the Scotch Opening for White and the Sicilian Dragon for Black and how to find good moves in closed positions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic opening moves for the Scotch Opening
  • How to use the Kasparov’s strategy against the Classical Scotch
  • What to do against the other common move Black makes
  • What to do if Black plays a bad move against the Scotch
  • Basic opening moves for the Sicilian Dragon
  • What are the basic principles of closed games
  • How to develop pieces in a closed game
  • How to use space in closed positions
  • How to use knights and bishops in closed positions
  • How to avoid/exploit weak squares
  • 7 endgames to master before you are rated 800
  • Live practice
  • Get a Fort Bend Chess Club rating