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Summer, 2020

The novice/intermediate class is currently not meeting. 

Coaches are available for individual or group coaching or for extended, formal classes for groups. Contact fbcc@fortbendchessclub.com to get details.

A special summer intermediate class is forming — see details here.

Our last USCF-rated tournament was July 12,, 2020.

Next tournament is not scheduled.

The tournament is located at 

Piada Italian Street Food

1930 Highway 6, Sugar Land

Registration is at 6:30 and round 1 starts at 7:00.

Time control is Game/30 with 5 second delay.

3 rounds (4 if time permits)

Cost is $15. Cash prizes based on number of entries.

To preregister, send a note to fbcc@fortbendchessclub.com with your USCF number. 

Registration limited to 20 entries.

Quickpay in advance to: yangwei0041@gmail.com

Bring a tournament-regulation chessboard and a chess clock if you have one.

Feb 21, 2020

Congratulations to Nick Pietropinto, the top scholastic finisher.


Visit the Coaches page to get information about coaching.

Visit our Lectures page to see the lecture notes and slides on the rules of chess.

Tournament results