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It was fun to have a tournament again after missing two weeks. We had a bunch of exciting games. In the end, RC Hinkle was this week’s champion with a perfect score, and Lance Ngo was second with 2 points.

We ‘re having a competition  for another chess book in January and February. The player with the best score will win the book by John Emms More Simple Chess - Moving on from the Basic Principles.

The score after two tournaments is:

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Fellowship Christian Academy Scholastic Tournament

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          Tuesday, January 28

Our Tuesday night class meets online from 7:30-8:30.

We are in the middle of a series  about the hypermodern principles in chess (and my favorite player). This week will focus on the invasion on the 7th rank.


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Tournament results

Jan-Feb Contest
Player Points
Lance Ngo 5
Tim La 2
Rik Baksi 2
Arnab Baksi 2
Jo Ellen Cain 1
Kiriti Sen 1