Improve Your Tournament Results

Level 6


Intermediate, Advanced

Recommended Rating


Number of lessons: 7

Topic Purpose

This series presents higher level concepts specifically designed to improve how to compete in tournaments. It also includes an endgame study with each lesson to enable members to outplay opponents and  to win at endgames. 

Learning objectives

  • How to analyze a chess game differently than a chess problem
  • How to play Real Chess instead of Hope Chess
  • How to find and use the seeds of winning tactics.
  • Guidelines for the five moves to get an advantage
  • How to manage your time and avoid losing by time
  • How to handle the six most common states of chess games
  • When to pursue complications in a game
  • How to win when you’re ahead
  • When to make threats
  • When to trade pieces
  • When to trade pawns
  • How to use tactical dominance
  • How to build a good defense
  • The 8 key strategic decisions to make in a game
  • How to beat the grandmaster
  • Live practice
  • Get a Fort Bend Chess Club rating