Crossing the Bridge from Positional to Tactical - part 1

Level 15


Intermediate, Advanced

Recommended Rating

900 -1700

Number of lessons: 7

Topic Purpose

We’ve learned about position and hypermodern chess elements. And we’ve learned about basic and intermediate tactics. This series teaches different techniques to bridge from a positional advantage to a tactical advantage.

Each lesson also includes an endgame study to enable members to outplay opponents and  to win at endgames. 

Learning objectives

  • How to use the octopus
  • How to use the killer knight
  • How to use the dominating center-back knight
  • How to use  the knight attack from the edge. 
  • How to  attack with the g5 knight
  • How to attack with the h5 knight
  • How to use the trapped bishop
  • How to use the twin gun bishops
  • How to use the beast
  • How to use a doubled f-pawn
  • When to capture towards the edge
  • How to use doubled a-pawns (or h-pawns) in an attack
  • 7 Endgame positions to know before you’re rated 1400
  • Live practice
  • Get a Fort Bend Chess Club rating