Chess Basics



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Topic Purpose

Chess Basics teaches the rules of chess and how to make legal moves. It also teaches the basic checkmate patterns that every beginner should know and teaches the correct values (not the simplified values) of the pieces.

Lessons: (each lesson is 1 hour)

  • 1) Learn the terminology of the board. Identify how all of the pieces move.  Learn how to record moves. 
  • 2) Learn special moves. Learn how to checkmate. Learn stalemate and other types of draws. Learn beginner  checkmates. Learn Scholar’s Mate and the best way to avoid it.
  • 3) Learn the true value of pieces.  Practice evaluating simple trades. Practice capturing pieces through obstacle courses.
  • 4) Learn how to checkmate with specific sets of pieces. Learn basic checkmate patterns.

These lessons can be split into eight lessons with more review for very young players.

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to schedule any of these specific lessons.

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