Chess Basics

Level 1



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Number of lessons: 5

Topic Purpose

Chess Basics teaches the rules of chess and how to make legal moves. It also teaches the basic checkmate patterns that every beginner should know and teaches the correct values (not the simplified values) of the pieces.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to set up the board
  • How all of the pieces move
  • Special moves in chess
  • How to write down your moves
  • Draws & stalemates
  • What is Scholar’s Mate that lots of beginners use to win
  • How to avoid losing to Scholar’s Mate
  • The updated value of pieces (computer-calculated)
  • How to evaluate simple trades
  • How to win! (with the common combinations of pieces)
  • Patterns of checkmate
  • Checkmate techniques
  • Navigation exercises
  • Obstacle course exercises
  • Live practice

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