c3 Sicilian



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Number of lessons: 7

Topic Purpose

One of the disadvantages of playing 1. e4 is having to face the Sicilian Defense. You may not feel like playing against such an aggressive defense for Black. Alapin’s Variation is one of the most popular and sound methods for avoiding Black’s favorite version of the Sicilian and shifting to a version that you’re better prepared for.

These lessons also include an endgame review

Lessons: (each lesson is about 90 minutes)

     Lesson 1 learning objectives 

  • Black plays variations with an early Bg4 

    Lesson 2 learning objectives

  • White captures on c5
  • Black plays e5

     Lesson 3 learning objectives

  • Black plays Nf6

     Lesson 4 learning objectives

  • Black plays d6 instead of d5

     Lesson 5 learning objectives 

  • Other 2nd moves for Black
  • Review and summary of Alapin’s Variation