Basic Tactics & Evaluation

Level 3



Recommended Rating


Number of lessons: 6

Topic Purpose

Now that students know how to make good moves, Basic Tactics  & Evaluation teaches them how to make winning moves;. You need tactics when you play opponents who see when you’re attacking their pieces. Tactics are winning moves that your opponent can’t stop, even when he sees the attack. This topic also teaches the tactic that causes players below USCF 1400 to lost 75% of the time or more, how to make determine who is winning in the middle of a game, and how to win with  just a king and a pawn.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic tactics - double attacks
  • Basic tactics - remove the guard
  • Basic  tactics - discovered check
  • Basic tactics - pins
  • Basic tactics - zwischenzug
  • Basic tactics - desperado
  • The most important tactic (counting)
  • How to decide which move is better (IMPLODeS)
  • What to do when it’s my turn
  • 12 endgames to master before you’re rated 500
  • Live practice
  • Get a Fort Bend Chess Club rating