Advanced Tactics - part 1

Level 21



Recommended Rating

1300 -2000

Number of lessons: 6

Topic Purpose

This series focuses on material-winning forcing moves that will win the game. It does not focus on checkmates. And it also explores what prevents you from finding the winning, forcing moves during games.

Included is an endgame study to help students excel at winning endgames. Our players are better prepared for endgames than just about anyone else and often win games in the ending that they would otherwise lose.

Learning objectives

  • How to use fundamental back row checkmates in advanced tactics
  • How to use fundamental corridor mates in advanced tactics 
  • How to use fundamental knight moves and smothered mates
  • How to use Fundamental bishop a2-g8 attacks
  • How to use fundamental foreign bishop b1-h7 and a1-h8 attacks
  • How to use fundamental queen sacrifices
  • Live practice
  • Get a Fort Bend Chess Club rating