Super-Charge Your Positions

Level 10


Intermediate, Advanced

Recommended Rating

900 -1600

Number of lessons: 7

Topic Purpose

Aron Nimzovich changed the ideas of chess forever with his principles of hypermodern play in his book My System. More advanced play requires understanding and using his principles from this series.

These lessons continue to include endgame lessons to raise our proficiency and expertise in the most mysterious part of the game.

Learning objectives

  • How to control the center with pieces instead of pawns
  • How to use and attack doubled pawns and pawn chains
  • What are the positional advantages and disadvantages of the isolated queen pawn
  • How to use the invasion of the 7th rank
  • How to use a rook invasion on other ranks
  • How to use Outposts
  • How to use prophylaxis
  • The importance of overprotection
  • How to set of blockades 
  • Live practice
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