Pragmatic Chess



Recommended Rating

1300 -1800

Topic Purpose

Nimzovitsch’s theories of hypermodern play completely radically changed the strategies of chess. This series examines how his ideas have been adapted to modern chess and how some more Pragmatic Chess  ideas have completely rejected older principles.

Also, the thing I hate THE MOST in chess games is losing a game in the ending that I should win. Advanced FBCC classes include endgame studies so that its members excel at winning endgames. Our players are better prepared for endgames than just about anyone else and often win games in the ending that they would otherwise lose.

Lessons: (each lesson is about 90 minutes)

     Lesson 1 learning objectives 

  • Development and pawn grabbing

    Lesson 2 learning objectives

  • Big center and mobile pawn mass

     Lesson 3 learning objectives

  • Minority attack

     Lesson 4 learning objectives

  • Pawn majorities and blockade

     Lesson 5 learning objectives 

  • Lustful passed pawns and pawn chains

    Lesson 6 learning objectives

  • Doubled pawns - historical view

     Lesson 7 learning objectives

  • Doubled pawns - modern view

     Lesson 8 learning objectives

  • Isolated queen’s pawn - modern view

      Lesson 9 learning objectives 

  • Radical rooks (part 1)

    Lesson 10 learning objectives

  • Radical rooks (part 2)

     Lesson 11 learning objectives

  • Rule independence

     Lesson 12 learning objectives

  • Straying royal pawns

      Lesson 13 learning objectives 

  • Pawn chains

    Lesson 14 learning objectives

  • Positional pawn sacrifices

     Lesson 15 learning objectives

  • Backward pawns

     Lesson 16 learning objectives

  • Bad bishops

      Lesson 17 learning objectives 

  • Modern knights

    Lesson 18 learning objectives

  • Bishops vs knights 1-ln-1

     Lesson 19 learning objectives

  • Minor pairs -1

     Lesson 20 learning objectives

  • Minor pairs - 2

      Lesson 21 learning objectives 

  • Minor pairs - 3

    Lesson 22 learning objectives

  • Bishops’ revenge

     Lesson 23 learning objectives

  • Exchange sacrifice

     Lesson 24 learning objectives

  • Prophylaxis

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