Game Assessment Topics


Intermediate, Advanced

Recommended Rating

800 -1600

Topic Purpose

This series teaches specific elements on how to assess your game and make crucial decision.

Also, the thing I hate THE MOST in chess games is losing a game in the ending that I should win. Advanced FBCC classes include endgame studies so that its members excel at winning endgames. Our players are better prepared for endgames than just about anyone else and often win games in the ending that other players lose.

Lessons: (each lesson is about 1 hour)

     Lesson 1 learning objectives

  • Tests and teaches how to determine who’s ahead and if there is a win in this position.

    Lesson 2 learning objectives

  • Tests and teaches how to assess whether a position is a critical position and whether a move is safe.

     Lesson 3 learning objectives

  • Teaches how to identify if there is a threat and prevent its execution.



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