Beginner, Intermediate

Recommended Rating



1 hour



Series Purpose

The thing I hate most in chess is to lose games that I was winning! The endgames series teaches how to win endings that you’re supposed to win. It teaches how to draw endings that you’re supposed to draw. And it might teach how not to lose endings that you’re supposed to lose.

Learning Objective

  • Square of the pawn
  • Tic-tac-toe squares
  • Opposition
  • Defending against the rook’s pawn
  • Distant passed pawn
  • Pawn vs pawn
  • Pawn breakthroughs without the king
  • King and 2 pawns vs king
  • Key squares
  • King and pawn vs king and pawn

12 Endgames to know before you’re rated 600      No prerequisite needed.

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