Hypermodern Elements of Chess


Intermediate, Advanced

Recommended Rating

1100 -1600

Topic Purpose

Nimzovitsch changed the ideas of chess forever with his principles of hypermodern play in his book My System. This series teaches those principles that top player have been using ever since.

Also, the thing I hate THE MOST in chess games is losing a game in the ending that I should win. Advanced FBCC classes include endgame studies so that its members excel at winning endgames. Our players are better prepared for endgames than just about anyone else and often win games in the ending that they would otherwise lose.

Lessons: (each lesson is about 1 hour)

     Lesson 1 learning objectives

  • Teaches how to control the center.

    Lesson 2 learning objectives

  • Teaches about using doubled pawns and pawn chains.

     Lesson 3 learning objectives

  • Teaches invasion of the 7th rank

     Lesson 4 learning objectives

  • Teaches the rook invasion

     Lesson 5 learning objectives

  • Teaches outposts and prophylaxis.  

     Lesson 6 learning objectives

  • Teaches the positional advantage and disadvantage of the isolated queen pawn.

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